Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not wrong, just funny

I will be the first to admit that my humor can be a little off sometimes. I swear, I was born that way. There must be a mutated gene somewhere in my body that gave me a corrupted sense of humor. I’m secretly hoping that Kate inherited this gene, because life is so much funnier on this side. I promise.

I’m proposing an expansion to my office, because I am not sure how all of these are going to fit on my wall. Don’t dare to make me choose people. I’ve already narrowed it down to my favorites. Enjoy! Special thanks to Ree for blogging about these awhile back, I was deprived for too long.

Beauty: Not as funny, only because it's true.

Compromise: I'm just sayin'

Conformity: Just funny

Demotivation: When all else fails

Dysfunction: *snort*

Failure: *snort*

Get to Work: I can think of a couple of places I'd like to give this to. Like maybe the pharmacy ...

Give Up: *cackle*

Humiliation: For those with more ambition than talent.

Ignorance: When your coworkers all of a sudden seem to be agreeing and getting along.

Incompetence: *snort*

Indifference: I'm enjoying this new perspective

Mediocrity: *snort*

Problems: Just wrong. And funny.

Procrastination: Finally, a slogan to go under my nameplate.

Tradition: *double snort*

Wishes: Sick and wrong.

I'm not sure what I can add to conclude this post ... I hope some of you share my humor. I guess if you didn't, you wouldn't read my blog, right?


Hippo_Lee_toe said...

My fave's the failure one! lol

Kara said...

"Humiliation" is too funny :-D

The Rambler said...

hahahaha....tradition was my favorite!

C. Beth said...

Those are awesome!

Here's mine:

(Insert photo of smiling mother "cuddling" a toddler who is furiously squirming away)
Yes, they might eventually appreciate all you're doing, but by then you'll be dead.

Jenners said...

I used to work in an office that had some of the "real" insprirational posters these are based on and I always found them so annoying. It would have been great to secretly replace them with some of these! Very funny!

Kelly said...

Oh, you *so* still witty! Made me laugh today. And, yeah, you're cool too! Thanks for not minding my link to you!

xsamx said...

Hilarious!! And so true...
Witty, cool and sarcastic... a perfect combination, like you i guess. Keep it up!

eizzy.k said...

lol, dis so true!
especially indifference!
lol! Ground breaking stuff!

Breana said...

I know this blog is from about awhile ago, but I LOVE it! Those are just great.