Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How I shouldn't be spending my money

I used to be a clothes snob, but haven’t been able to afford that luxury in a long time. Plus, well, when baby weight hangs on for three years, there just isn’t much appeal to clothing shopping. However, I don’t pass up a good deal when I see it. For you clothing peeps, here is a sale I couldn’t resist today.

Ann Taylor Loft has a lot of great things 40% off their already marked down prices. Use code 10601376 for an additional 20% off and free shipping. I just bought three awesome pairs of suit pants for $76 shipped. If you haven’t bought pants from there, they run big. Another reason why I love Ann Taylor, I am totally a size 4 in their world. That’s not shallow, that is a fact and I have three new pairs of pants on their way to prove it.

I am working on a great post for this afternoon, so check back soon. In the meantime, happy shopping!


Jodi said...

Thanks! Now quit bragging about being a size 4 and having baby weight. The two don't really go together. Coming from the jealous friend! :)

Lia Pearson said...

awesome! I wish I wasn't 5'10" so I could shop there :( in their sizes I would actually be like an 8 lol. so sad.

you go size 4!!

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

A size four with baby weight. :[ Jealous! lol.

Happy Shopping. Its almost Black Friday!! haha

Frankie and Bella said...

Haha...I used to spend so much money on expensive clothes, not really due to the 'brand' fact, just because they were the clothes that I liked. Now...it's all about bargains. I love bargains :)

Pearl said...

I'm still waiting for that post-partum weight to come off.

The baby is 24 now...


Lyndsay said...

Jodi - LOL, stop it!

Lia - They totally sell talls, see you could be at 8 tall, life's great!

Hippo - If only I could feel that way about it :)

Frankie and Bella - You know, I went from expensive to bargain and now I'm making the swing back. It's all about the fit and the quality ... that's what I tell my husband.

Pearl - (putting fingers in my ears) NO NO NO NO, say it isn't true?