Monday, December 1, 2008

At least her glass is half full

Winter has arrived! We got pounded with snow over the past 24 hours and I am now officially ready for winter to be over.

As we were headed out to the car, Kate said "Someone needs to turn the heat on outside. It's cold out here."

I am hoping she keeps her cheerful, optimistic, disposition. I am much more apt to curse and yell for the majority of the winter season.


Jenners said...

So funny! I love kid comments like practical! How about we give Mother Nature a call and ask her to raise the temps? Or is that what global warming is?

Indrayani said...

Hey...I just stumbled to ur blog from some other blogs....
Love ur writing!! :)
I am gonna visit more!

C. Beth said...

Ha! Maybe God heard her. If a warm front moves in soon, you better have her start praying for riches, fame, or whatever else you're dreaming of. :)