Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kate: Month Thirty-Four

Dear Kate,

Sometime last month you turned thirty-four months old. Between work, midterms, one trip to the ER, holiday preparation, and life, these last eleven days slipped away from me. For the record, this is my really pathetic way of justifying the fact that I am late, once again, with your monthly update. I figure at this point, you don’t really expect anything less. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you right when you are starting to figure me out.

You have been obsessive about Christmas and all of the corresponding preparation. In your mind, the series of events go: snow, sled, reindeer, santa, tree, presents. Accordingly, in the logic of an almost-three-year-old, the minute that tree appears, presents will automatically start multiplying underneath it. Daily you ask if today is the day we get a tree. Daily I tell you not quite yet. However, it is currently ALL.ABOUT.THE.TREE. When the mood strikes, you will nonchalantly point outside and say, “That tree looks perfect mom. Let’s take that one home; it would be a perfect Christmas tree.” You also think that you are going to get THREE presents for Christmas. Finally, I’ve found an area where my performance will far exceed your expectations. Score: Mom 1, Kate 1,290,876.

Lately it’s been all about the drama and all about your ability to demonstrate the control that you really have over this household. We have coined these little performances kate-tastrophes. They are sort of catastrophes in your mind, not so much in ours, but if we fail to play along, all hell breaks loose. The kate-tastrophes rear their ugly head most often at bedtime. A drink! The potty! A band-aid! No band-aid! Light on! Light off! Sock is crooked! Or, like moments ago, your baby had her pajama leg pulled up, requiring massive mommy intervention. I know some people believe in the whole cry-it out thing. You don’t play that game. The longer I let you holler and scream, the worse it gets. In a game of cry-it out, I would certainly be the one crying until I clawed my eyes out and collapsed, while you would just be getting your second wind.

Your vocabulary continues to grow at an exponential rate. You say words and phrases that I am pretty certain are atypical for a toddler. Your favorite right now is ‘that’s amazing’, followed closely by ‘thanks but no thanks’. Sigh. As your aunt stated the other day, you talk in paragraphs, not sentences. I am hoping this is some sign of inner brilliance and not just indicative of a future career in voice-overs or politics.

This past month has been a fairly tumultuous one in our household. Thankfully your daddy-o and I have had you as a bright spot in our days. Sometimes those hiccups in life allow you to put yourself in check and really stop and embrace the thing that matters most. Sweet Kate, that thing would be you. Looking forward to a fun and wonderful holiday season!



Shan said...

Oooh, our daughters must attend the same drama club, ha ha ha. Sounds a lot like my oldest. She thrives on melt downs. She has a flair for dramatics, and is too adorable while doing it. I pray for our futures, bahahaha. I am sure that trouble is in our future for sure. I wish you luck!

Jenners said...

That was so beautiful and moving and funny! I just loved it! I hope you are saving these in a scrapbook for her somewhere to read when she is older! Thanks for sharing! And what a good idea... I might have to try the same thing on my blog if you don't mind!

Christy said...

My daughter's name is Kate, also.

Jennifer said...

your grils are so cute@

Melissa Sunday said...

I've never commented before, so Hi, my name's Melissa. I found your blog through another and have been reading for a few weeks now.

Let me just say that these letters are the greatest thing. I don't have a daughter; I'm only 23. But I do have a mother. She's awesome, but I really wish she'd done something like this for me. I'm very curious about my young self and her "momnesia" is very advanced. :)

I think this is an incredible way to keep Kate in touch with who she is, because what we like and how we act as kids is a real indicator of our true selves. So, it's very cool that you're doing this for her. And thanks for sharing!

Miss Anne said...

She "shines"! What a beautiful little girl you have!

:) Merry SITSmas! :)

Christa said...

Using the term "kate-tastrophes" proves you ARE still very witty.

Thanks for stopping by GiggleOn.com to say hello. The 80's were scary but gotta lovea good John Huges film and sandwiches filled with Cap't Crunch.

The ONLY thing better than that are my damn spiced wafer cookies!