Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eureka - I found it!

Two posts in one day ... a new record! Or, maybe one more way I'm avoiding the mountain of homework on my desk. Homework is so overrated.

So, my intent has been to not burden you with detailing the crappy hand I’ve been dealt lately. I realize that everyone has their own issues and they don’t come to my blog to be weighed down with my problems. I guess some people do exist out there that take great joy in reading about people whose lives aren’t perfect. For those people, I take satisfaction in withholding the details as to not feed that creepy addiction.

Regardless of my reasons though, it is hard to not let any part of those issues surface in my writing. Sixteen days ago (but who is counting, right?), my life was turned upside down and that situation is as much a part of me as everything else I write about here.

Yes, it has been a struggle. I don't like struggles. I’ve already told you once about my need for music, remember? Well, after weeks of being in this funk, I found THE song that is helping me put some of these feelings into words.

I’ve been playing it OVER and OVER and OVER again and I anticipate that this intense musical therapy will get me over this hurdle soon, really really soon. Recently I read an interview with Alexa Ray Joel and she talked about her need to find a song to get her through every tough time. So, even if you think I am crazy, at least I know there is one more of me out there in this world of crazy.

So, I am sorry if I’ve drug you down – but I am all about keeping it real here.

Enjoy my song and know that I am finding comfort in it and moving onward and upward.


Annje said...

Hi, little blog-lurker here. Keep it real! ...drag us down!... no worries, we'll be fine. I love the song and I am glad it is keeping you company.

Tia said...

Well I don't know what is going on, but I am thinking of you! Oh, and I loved the song too.

Anonymous said...

Chin up love! My email is locked for whatever reason ( I forgot my password, it's automatic at my other computer, and I typed in the wrong password too many times) - so I can only communicate on here to you til Monday. So I'm not blowing you off. :) Love ya!

Jenners said...

Although I'm new to blogging, I think you don't need to have the burden to entertain in every post and that you can let what you are experiencing in life be a part of what your blog is. I wouldn't stop reading your blog if you needed to write about something negative that is happening in your life. I think you can find a lot of support ... we're all human and not every part of life is happy and wonderful. When I went through some really terrible times about 7 years back (divorce and such), I wish I had known about blogging then. I think it would have helped. Your blog should be about what you NEED and WANT. If you feel like you want to share what is going on via your blog, I think you should and not feel the burden to be happy and funny and witty and so forth. But that is just my 2 cents. I'm sending good wishes your way!

Anonymous said...

good song, glad it's helping you through.
thinking of you and the family, like, every day :)


Vodka Mom said...

My first visit here and I'm sad? That's okay. It's not all laughs, right? Sending you good thoughts. Come on over for a chuckle. It might pick you up a bit.

Dick the Prick said...

How's about living under an unelected governemnt that's run by a complete fruitcake? Chin up lass.(I hope i'm not being rude). Sorry will just pause a bit and listen to the tune - am freakishly listening to Peter Gabriel tonight (time difference) - hmm. Solsbiry Plain - quality.

OK - Norah - hmm.. yeah, alright. He was a cock anyway - I never liked him - idiot!

Jeez, I still think about the first (and last) gorl who broke my heart - could be worse. All the best once was witty!

Lyndsay said...

Thanks for your well wishes.

Annje - I'm glad you de-lurked (is that a word? LOL)

Tia - Thanks a million. I am enjoying reading your blog.

Nikki - No sweat, I know we will talk soon!

Jenners - Thanks for the encouragement, I will certainly remember your words next time I hesitate to write!

Jana - Thanks dear! Kate sends hugs.

Vodka mom - Thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog tonight and you had me rolling!

Dick - Your post had me laughing, but I do have to tell you not to take the song so literally! I wish it were only about men problems :) Enjoy Peter Gabriel!

meili_lo said...

hi.. i like the video and the pictures on ur others blogs...

anyway, saw you in Jenners blogs. hope you can come by and share your thoughts and experiences on my blog.


Charmaine said...

I totally needed that song today.

1. I am looking at an unemployment check.

2. The oldest single man in the history of the world did not hit on me despite sitting right next to me. I was lookin good, I thought.

3. My hair is falling out.

4. My blog used to be funny, now it's just depressing.

Groan. Upward and onward sista...

Sasha said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you today...