Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just keeping your mind sharp

I’m not all that technologically savvy, while I can hold my own on a computer, I don’t rank up there in geekdom. Most things I have learned how to do, I’ve learned on the internet. Seriously. I dare you to try to find something that the internet doesn’t have a tutorial on. This summer, my computer was plagued by an atrocious virus, courtesy of My Space. When all attempts to fix it failed, I knew I didn’t have many other options. I also didn’t have money to buy a new one, so we were in desperate straits. I sort of can’t function without my computer.

Courtesy of the internet-directions, I wiped my entire hard drive out, repartitioned it (do you even know what that means? No. Me either, but I did it), and reinstalled my entire operating system. Proof that the internet saved my sanity and it was FREE. I think I just broke my arm patting myself on the back here.

When I entered into the blogging world, I was blogging-inept. I sort of logged in and tried to figure it out. I know a number of my readers are new to the blogging world, or new to blogging themselves. I wanted to share a link to Sasha’s blogging hints (Hi Sasha!). She’s been kind enough to post a collection of some tips and tricks for your blog. Her directions are simple and helpful. In fact, I credit Sasha for helping me get my blog routed to my own domain.

Now, you can’t claim you didn’t learn anything new today.


Sasha said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

I'm like you- I like to "figure stuff out". It was fun to do the research on the net and try out different things until I got it to do what I wanted.

C. Beth said...

Sasha rocks. :)

Jim Gerl said...


I just voted for your excellent blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards.

Could you please return the favor at: