Monday, October 13, 2008

She's crafty - she's just my type

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a private paint party: Think Pink! Paint for a Cause. The event was destined for success, as it included good food, great drinks, wonderful company, and a good cause. Plus, it was hosted by the fantabulous Connie and benefited our local hospital. What could be better?

Initially, I was skeptical of the event. Normally CRAFTS! IN PUBLIC! give me hives, heart palpitations, and make me want to curl up into a fetal position. While that was my first reaction, my immediate second thought was that I would pretty much sacrifice public humiliation for a girl’s night out. It’s quite possible that comet Hale-Bopp makes an appearance more often than I get a chance to have a night to myself. That trumped any embarrassment that would ensue what I CRAFTED! IN PUBLIC!

The night was an overwhelming success. No broken pottery, spilled paint, or major embarrassments. In fact, the studio made it so easy, it was near impossible to make a complete fool of myself. I’ve shared a couple of photos of the Masterpiece in the Making: Documentation that I Left My House for an Evening without Child and Played Crafty with the Girls.

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C. Beth said...

Oh, man, I LOVE going to those pottery painting places! When you pick up your piece, be sure to post a picture.

Did you like all the "p" alliteration there?!