Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Me Myself and I

I have received a couple of emails from people wondering if I would mind if they forwarded my blog on to other people. Of course I don’t mind, the more the merrier. That is assuming you know anyone who would be remotely interested in hearing anything I have to say.

I do have to offer the following disclaimers:

I am no Pioneer Woman. I barely have time to cook for myself, not to mention document it and share it with all of you. Now, if I come across something fabulous and easy, or that makes itself and presents itself on the dinner table before you arrive home, of course I will share.

I am no Nester. I am inept with a glue gun, fabric, and at making gorgeous arrangements to beautify your home. If I ever attempt something of the sort, I will certainly share it with you so you can join in the laughing, snorting, and mockery.

I am no Crafty Crow. Do not come here if you would like to find creative, fun things to make with your toddler. On rare occasion, I do borrow ideas like these so that I can appear to be one of those cutesy moms who has it all together, but I borrow and I do so on rare occasion.

I am no Dooce. My life is not nearly as exciting to read about. Period.

I am no Melissa. I did not inform America on the Today Show that I believe it is okay to have a glass of wine during play dates. Although, I tend to like the way she thinks.

What I can offer you is the world as I see it, through the eyes of a married, working, mother who has the best intentions, but often misses the mark. I try to find the humor in every situation, even the trying ones. I have found that parenthood is much more rewarding than I would have ever imagined, but infinitely harder as well. I do not think we talk about that often enough and hope that I am able to continue to be frank about those challenges and reassure others out there that even people who appear to have it together really probably don’t. Incidentally, if you think this is going to be all about Kate, or motherhood, you probably don’t know me that well yet. I am a wealth of useless information. I do love to shop though and will frequently share wonderful things that I think you just need to have, or need to buy and send to me.

In closing, I would also like to point out that you are welcome to leave comments on my entries. See, right at the bottom of each post? Yes, there. Just click 'comments' and you can easily share your thoughts or feedback. I like comments. They make me feel a little less like I am talking to myself. I get enough of that the 23 hours I day I don’t spend writing on my blog.

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Carol Beth said...

Okay, so I know I said I need to get to my "To Do" list but of course I saw your top post and had to keep reading. And now you've given me links to other blogs, some of which I'll have to check out. LATER! Later, Beth, late! :-D

You made me laugh out loud (the comment about buying you stuff) yet again. Thanks!

Will catch up on the rest of your posts later. Maybe tonight when I should be sleeping.