Monday, September 1, 2008

Shaken not stirred

Last fall, Craig's brother and his wife came to visit us from Boise. We do not see them nearly often enough, so we always make the most of it when we do. After a few nights of keeping red wine distributors busy restocking shelves, we decided to mix it up and try something different. After perusing the internet, we found the perfect pomegranate martini. It was love at first sip. Tonight, this was my dessert.

In a shaker, combine: ice, a splash of Triple Sec, a generous amount of Absolut vodka, and some pomegranate juice. It isn’t an exact science, but I trust you are smart enough to figure it out. Shake vigorously, pour, drink, and repeat. Pomegranates have outrageous health benefits, so this could be classified in a food group somewhere.

To sum up our weekend prior to Martini Monday, I am so ready for work tomorrow. It was that joyous of a weekend. What was the best part? I’m having a hard time deciding: sick kid, the massive amount of snot I encountered, no sleep, not stepping into the sunshine for 36 hours, company, or company while having a sick kid. The most horrifying part is that I am certain they left convinced that our parenting skills were in dire need of some attention. When Kate is sick, logic, rules, and common sense go out the window. I think at one point I promised to build her a princess castle skyscraper in the back yard with my own bare hands if she stopped screaming. Craig easily fixed 15 different things for lunch in an attempt to get her to eat something. Then she ate a pudding pop. I am not kidding you. I think if they would have stayed one more day they would have had Super Nanny on speed dial.

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Kara said...

Oh, I gotta try that. I'm usually a gin-martini-only kind of girl, but that sounds yummy :-)