Thursday, August 28, 2008

Until Renovations Do Us Part

We are entering into Operation Get This Damn House Finished. In December it will have been four years since we moved into this house. Simply stated: four years of renovation hell. Over the course of the past six years, we have worked on a few different transactions with the same realtor. When we bought this house, she said, “I love working with you guys because you have vision.” I think that is Real-Estate-ese for “You are the only ones stupid enough to consider a house this ugly.”

If you have ever been to our house, I know you have heard Craig say, “You TOLD me that we were only going to work on one room PER YEAR.” I say this with confidence because it is the soundtrack to my life. He has recorded it and has it on continual playback, echoing in my sleep. Believe me. You know, I admit that I vaguely recall some discussion of the sort. Leave it to Craig to remember the details. I am a big picture person; the details get me in trouble all.of.the.time.

In my defense, I believe that I was born missing the patience gene. I am slightly too “Type A” to believe that patience is a virtue. Also, I could not have predicted that Psycho Cat would decide that the carpet in the corner of the living room was her new litter box. I mean, we needed to start renovating that room after we tore all of the carpet out, right? I also could not have predicted that the glass-top to our stove would break. I also could not have predicted that the stove I fell in love was not really the same size as the old one, I just call that good taste. I mean, we needed to renovate the kitchen after that happened, right?

The house is about 70% complete and if I have to look at one more unfinished project in that house, I might be tempted pull out my hair and then start all over. If that happens, Craig will be joining the witness protection program. Since I’d like to keep him around, we are going to work on getting the remaining 30% done instead. If you tell Craig that other husband’s do not do this much work around their house, you are as good as dead to me. For the record, he still does not know that many other husbands’ don’t cook, clean, or go grocery shopping. Those will be our little secrets, okay?

I am excited to share renovation pictures with you along the way. I am going to find my old hard drive and get some before pictures. You truly cannot appreciate the “after” until you have seen the “before”. I will title the photo album: Proof that I Have the World’s Best and Most Patient Husband.


Kara said...

our house is a constant work-in-progress, too. It gets very tiring! Our latest scheme was to refinish the kitchen cabinets... which has somehow led to retiling the kitchen and bathrooms, repainting all the trim in the house, a new countertop, and new bath fixtures. It all gets started at the end of next month and I am sooo dreading it.

Robin said...

Lyndsay, I can commiserate on the home remodeling! Although only four months worth, not FOUR YEARS! Hang in there. You'll have such a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment, you'll wonder why you ever complained. Kind of like after you have your baby you forget about the pain, right? RIGHT?

Sasha said...

Well look at you and your new site!

Hattie9 said...

Lyndsay, I feel your pain. We've been at it for over 3 and a half years. The big difference is the vision belongs to my husband. About twice week I threaten to call a realtor and have the house listed. Ugh.