Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Used to Welcome Chaos

It was a lame title, I know. It was stage fright, performance anxiety, the pressure of coming up with something perfect, something all encompassing. It was pathetic. For weeks I've racked my brain for a good title. Each time I would ask someone for their opinion, I would start with, "I can't believe I cannot come up with something. I swear, I used to be witty." Eventually it just stuck. June, the Queen of Wittiness, gave it two thumbs up, so apparently she too thinks I Used to be Witty.

Be on the lookout for some fun changes, a new .com, a new design, and some flair. I can't continue to be associated with such boringness and I applaud you for tolerating it for these torturous couple of weeks.

For your listening pleasure, I will leave you with what I have been listening to today. I heart Mat Kearney.

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