Friday, April 16, 2010

Funny creatures

My friend Angela over at Healthy Wealthy and Wise Woman ends her posts with a daily “eavesdrop”, which are often some of the funniest things I read all day. Angie and her husband Glen are two of the funniest people I know and when it comes to people-watching, they have mad skills. Inherent skills and a mastery that I am unable to compete with. In fact, it was Glen that schooled me in the game of “guess their occupation” while we waited for a flight in the San Diego airport. Aren’t you glad that I clarified that we were waiting for the flight in an airport of all places?

The concept is simple, you scope out oblivious people walking around minding their own business, insert some imagination and !PRESTO! guess their occupation. From what I recall, we observed quite a few librarians, strippers, sanitation engineers, and proctologists. In hindsight, I wonder what occupation people would assume of me … and don’t you DARE tell me Angela from The Office. I do feel compelled to mention that I do not typically travel to the other side of the country in the company of someone else’s husband (especially one titled The Best Husband In The World). Angela’s husband was actually my boss in the hotel job that I had a number of years ago – the one that drove me to the loony bin – um, I mean the one that I loved. Glen, it wasn’t you, it was totally me.

This week a number of exchanges have made me think of the little eavesdrops shared on Angela’s blog. I thank her for the reminder that funny really is all around us. The following examples were not eavesdrops, they were texts sent to me by three different friends this week. These shall serve as examples of what keeps me entertained on a daily basis, the fact that you should question the company I keep, and the fact that I have The Best Friends In The World.

“Dude, I love your kid AND her dirty ass Baby Kate. Baby Kate has some major street cred coming from the ghetto and all.”

“Tin man! How’s the heart? Do you need me to travel to Oz and get you a new one, cuz I totally will.”

“So, I almost have my PhD (errr, in Technical Education) and I watch House every week. I told my family Doc that must make me at least as qualified as his PA.”

I loved each of these comments so much that for a brief second, I contemplated using them as my Facebook status of the moment … until I was hit with the reality of WAIT – ALL THOSE PEOPLE KNOW ME. So, instead, they are my gift to you.


Jeanne said...

Welcome back!

So when will you get your diagnosis?

C. Beth said...

I need your friends; most of my texts are far less interesting than that.

Angela said...

Awesome texts! I always knew Kate had some major street cred! Just posted an eavesdrop especially for you.