Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack!

I’ve spent the past couple of months pretending nothing was wrong with me, which is exactly why I’ve been a negligent blogger. When you are diligently attempting to ignore the proverbial elephant in the room and what is bothering you, it is most assuredly the only thing you can ever think of. So, when you try to write about something other than what’s on your mind, you find out that the only thing that is on your mind is what is on your mind and you end up totally screwed. Now that I’ve come clean with all of you, I actually feel much better. Which coincidentally means writing is all of a sudden possible again. Your Google Reader should be afraid. VERY.VERY.AFRAID.

So, for the quick health update: The blood pressure meds appear to sort of be working. They are bringing my systolic (top) blood pressure down, but it hasn’t done much to the diastolic number (bottom). I venture to guess we’ve complicated the situation because it is now around 112/92, which is anything but normal. In fact, Google doesn’t even provide me answers on that one. The naturopathic educator at work analyzed my eyes today and told me I wasn’t going to stroke out. Since allopathic medicine hasn’t done shit for me, I’m taking total comfort in her assessment. Oh and for those of you offering kidney’s, I’m suddenly feeling a considerable amount of love towards anyone with A+ blood types.

Now, on to serious business; I need a Halloween costume. Correct that, I need two Halloween costume ideas, one for me and one for Craig. We have committed to attending a huge Halloween party, of which costumes will be required. It took every last brain cell I had to come up with Kate’s BUTTERFLY costume, so I am spent. Butterfly, can you handle my overwhelming genius? A butterfly. I can’t believe no one has ever thought of that before.

Current ideas:
I Dream of Jeannie and the astronaut man
A flapper girl and gangster guy
Angela and Dwight from The Office (I so LOVE this idea, but let’s admit, it isn’t much of a costume)

I need your ideas. If you have a vote, please let me know. If you have a better idea, I’ll totally send you my piss-poor excuse for a kidney. Fair trade?


Special K said...

To match our Storm Trooper, my husband and I plan to be Darth Vader and Princess Leah. Wearing black and a D.V. mask my MIL has will be hubby. I will wear all white and a belt and boots and put my hair in buns. Easy-peasy. But if you want complicated, just go knocking atthe Halloween store, it'll set you back a pretty penny!

Kensi said...

police officer and convict

Heidi and Spencer Pratt (can't stand them, but your blond hair would be perfect)

Reegis and Kelly

Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer.

That's all I've got...

Bonnie Baker said...

A creepy vampiress and a man vampire..

seriously. I hope your docs are getting things under control. My hubs has HBP as well and it has been very stubborn as well. His is some sort of hereditary type. Here is to hoping my kids take after my side of the family after all.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I've got an idea. You two could dress up like M&M's candy. My best friend and I did that several years ago (look for the pictures and story to post to my blog 'round about Halloween). Oh, and did I mention we were M&M's in DRAG! HA!

Whatever you decide, please post pictures of your costumes!

Chat soon.

Tia said...

I have a great idea. Buy one set of fatigues. He wears the bottom with a black shirt and you wear the top with black pants. He is an upper GI and you are a lower GI.

You like? Kinda silly! But I saw this at a party one year and it was a hit.

Tia said...

Ok that is wrong. He is a LOWER GI and you are the UPPER GI. Duh.

Call Me Cate said...

FACT! I'm sold on the Dwight and Angela idea.

Other than that, I've got nothing. I totally know what you mean about trying to write about anything other than what's on your mind but then you spend all your time thinking "don't talk about that, don't think about that, don't write about that" and THAT is all you can think about. Welcome back though!

Sherry D said...

Wilma and Fred Flintstone.

Grand Pooba said...

I seriously think the Dwight and Angela gig is the best, but since I'm really jonesing for your kidney, I'll make a suggestion.

You dress up like your husband and your husband dresses up like you.

Did I win? It's always good to have a back up kidney on hand.

Paige said...

Actually, my husband and I used Tia's idea one year and it was a huge hit!!! (I know her, by the way and she shared the idea with me also).

I have also been a black eyed P (black t-shirt with the letter P and black eye) and hubby was time flies (t-shirt with a clock that we ironed on and then hot-glued plastic flies all over the shirt.)

You can also be a pair of jeans (t-shirts with letters ironed on...RNA and DNA on front and JEAN and GENE on back)

We also did Thing 1 and Thing 2 one year....with blue wigs, white face paint and red union suits....too bad you don't live close...I'd bring them over.

Advice...wear something comfy...the wigs get a little scratchy after a while and face paint all night--REALLY?!?

Have a great time.

Jeanne said...

H2 and I went as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich one year. Whenever people would say, "What are you?" we'd jump up and smash together.

Sasha said...

You won a copy of Jonny Diaz's CD! Please email me at barelytogether @ yahoo dot com before 5 pm CST Friday to claim your prize! Congrats

wackymindpuffpuffgive said...

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Shan said...

Okay, I'm *seriously* late to be offering costume ideas... which is probably good anyway. I went as a cereal killer (spelling intended... large "bloody" knife inserted in a box of Life cereal). No, I didn't come up with that big plan on my own. Not sure what's worse... that I dared to do it or that I *won* a costume contest (it was a chamber of commerce thing, and those people aren't as wild and crazy as they like to portray, clearly).

Anyway, I was just reading a few of your most recent posts (I occasionally stop in through Paula at They Saved Me). Just wanted to say that I'm no Type A+ (O+ here) and I don't really have body parts to spare at the moment (although I have some lovely globs of Thanksgiving stuffing that settled on my hips... two years ago... that you are more than welcome to), but I do hope you are doing better, that you've gotten some concrete answers, that they are good ones or at least the sort of stuff that good can come of; and that you get back to blogging soon (or whatever makes it work for you).

Take care,

Shan :+)

EverydayThings said...

Nice blog!
can u visit mine?

MarjnHomer said...

I hope your doing ok. havent seen a post or heard from you in ages.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to the last comment. You seem to have disappeared from the blogg world.... hope everything is ok with you! *Sending positive thoughts your way :)

Anonymous said...

I have also been concerned...checking back periodically...I hope you are alright!!!