Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You know, or maybe she just needs her mom

Kate has never been one to cuddle. Or snuggle. Or sit still long enough to do anything that could even remotely resemble such activity. It hasn’t been a phase; it has been her modus operandi since birth. There have been times that she’s been sick and after multiple trips to her in room in the middle of the night, we’ve brought her into our bed in a desperate attempt to get some sleep. While most parents battle getting kids out of their bed, Kate would spend these times thrashing, rolling, poking jabbing, and informing me that she WANTS TO GO BACK TO HER BED.

Yeah, if you figure this kid out, please feel free to shoot me some insight.

Imagine my shock when Kate developed a raging case of the I.WANT.MY.MOMMY every single moment of every single day. At first I relished my darling daughters newfound affection for me. Awww, she needs me. She wants me. This is what having a sweet and cuddly child is like. However, her requests slowly morphed into this pathetic and whiney, “I want yooooouuuuuu” about ten hundred million times a day. At dinner, she stealthily makes her way onto my chair, burying her head in my lap because “I want yooooouuuuuuu!” A few days ago, she’s whimpering, claiming that she needs me and my patience is wearing thin because she’s on my lap, with her head tucked securely under my chin, so close that I think she’s stealing my oxygen.
This cuddly, needy kid stuff is totally overrated.

The whole situation has been so bizarre, that I’ve started psychoanalyzing the entire situation. Suddenly, I recall stories of pets that instantaneously develop such an attachment to their owners, detecting life threatening tumors and such. Damn 60 minutes. If I die some unexplained death in the near future, someone come and claim this kid. We are sitting on a goldmine.


Sherry D said...

Aunt Sherry get's first dibs!

Mandy said...

Kids, can anyone explain them? My 22 month old has been suddenly super clingy to me too.....hmmmm.... maybe it's just the swine flu though? ;-)

Call Me Cate said...

Maybe it's like on tv. Only instead of Folgers crystals, they've secretly replaced your regular Kate with super-cuddly Kate. Good for you spotting the difference!

CarrieAnn said...

The paranoia thing sounds like something I would think. I am the one who can't her daughter out of my bed.

Special K said...

Or maybe she can sense a sibling in the making sometime in the near future.

Or maybe like Sylvie she's suddenly afraid everything pretend is real and you are the only one who can tell her that it is not. And reassure her that any animal that is good will lick her hand and any animal that is bad will do no such licking.

Kids, gotta love all of the new adventures!

Ann's Rants said...

Feast or famine, dammit. Feast or famine.

Did I mention I've been at home, all day, with both boys for two weeks? No camp, no preschool, no school, no nuttin'

AND Husband is working from home??


Jeanne said...

This too shall pass (and you'll miss it).

Caroline said...

Ugh, Elle does this lately, looks up at you and whines "I just want you". It's near-to-impossible to refuse such a pitiful request. It's also near-to-impossible to go to the bathroom while balancing a toddler on your hip.