Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Life Motto: Overachieving is Overrated

Admittedly, going into last week, I was already a little behind on life in general. I tend to operate on an excessively busy schedule and as long as I don’t encounter any unexpected obstacles, I handle my obligations well. However, that schedule just doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room, so all it takes is a minor hiccup in a day and my head starts spinning, as my schedule whirls out of control.

(Insert panic attack here)

This past weekend was going to be my “catch-up” time; I even took Friday off work to utilize some of that time marking things off my to-do list. I was so intent on marking things off that list that I momentarily contemplated adding things I had already done to the list, simply to garner to pleasure of placing a GIANT CHECK MARK next to them. I didn’t though. I simply looked forward to that three-day window as an opportunity to accomplish something.

Then the GREAT VIRUS ATTACK of 2009 happened. Yes, Rotavirus, the spawn of Satan, inflicted undue hardship on our house starting Friday a.m. and continued through yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, my weekend consisted of accomplishing absolutely nothing on my to-do list. That is not to be confused with accomplishing nothing, which would be inaccurate, as I was fulfilling my most important role – the role of mom.

What paybacks do you get for fulfilling that important duty? Well, this week I’ve felt much like I imagine the family from Blast from the Past did when they exited the bomb shelter, only to discover that life had continued on while they were sequestered away for 35 years. While I was only relegated to my house for four days, life in the external world kept chugging along.

When I showed up to work today, my to-do pile had multiplied. My email inbox hovered around the 200 mark. People expected answers on shit. I’m still pissed that the work elves didn’t show up and take care of anything in preparation for my return to work. When I arrived at class at 6:30 last night to teach 38 punks (who would rather be at the bar), they expected me to have something to instruct them on for three torturous hours. My group comrades for the class that I am currently taking (Organizational Theory) expect me to have something to contribute to the project we are currently working on. For some reason, I don’t think “I haven’t even read the case” constitutes appropriate contribution.

I think I am in denial, as my acceptable solution to this is to blog while I avoid reality.

Hold me.


Ann's Rants said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...mwah! (hug and kiss)

and I bet you anything your performance was stellar, anyhow.

C. Beth said...

If it makes you feel better--even if you didn't have that tendency to overcommit, having a kid with that type of sickness would have thrown you off. No matter what. Hope you're giving yourself some grace here. :)

Anonymous said...

Blogging is a great way to deny reality for a bit ;-).
Enjoy - let go - eat something sweet.

Call Me Cate said...

I'm assuming (hoping?) that Kate is finally feeling better? It's horrible how inconsiderate the world is when we're occupied with other things and it won't even slow down. Any chance there's another long weekend in your future for Easter?

Jeanne said...

After watching you ace the incredibly hard exam you didn't study for, I'm confident that you did just fine on all fronts. Maybe not up to your usual exacting standards, but fine. Don't make a tough time worse by kicking yourself in the ass -- standing on one foot isn't going to help your balance.

Grand Pooba said...

Geez...of course you can't check everything off your list!

Hang in there and tell those elves to get off their ass and start working!


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I find blogging to be a perfect solution to many a to-do list... if you hide the list under the couch. ;)

Hope the virus has been banished forever.

the mama bird diaries said...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry. Hope the virus is gone. To do lists and overflowing email boxes are overwhelming.