Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This giveaway rocks

I have coveted a piece of Lisa Leonard's Jewelry for quite some time. I have resisted the urge because I really wanted to wait until our family was complete to be able to get one of her inspired pieces. Since we don't know when that is ever going to happen, I think I should just indulge, don't you? I am in love with a fair dozen pieces of jewelry on her site and must resist the urge to by them all, lest I end up an albino Mrs.T.

The point to this story, ah, yes.

My darling friend Beth is hosting a Lisa Leonard giveaway on her blog this week. Click the photo below to visit her site and enter the giveaway. Make sure you mention that I sent you. If this jewelry isn't your thing, feel free to enter anyway. If you win, I'll simply expect you to share, capiche?


Ann's Rants said...

I will go look, and have you heard of I love mine and they are not expensive. Drive to Blogher. DO IT.

Lisa said...

i'm clicking but its not work ing !!!
will track down beth another way xx

Lisa said...

its ok, i found her- will not be able to participate due to living 'down under' but found her 1 minute reading blog and am in LOVE !!!
thanks Lyndsey- still wittY xx

C. Beth said...

"albino Mrs. T." Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa--I'm so glad you like One-Minute Writer! Hope we see lots of your responses on there! Sorry you couldn't enter the contest. Stay tuned; some of my giveaways are open internationally. :)

C. Beth

Grand Pooba said...

Oooo! Thanks for the heads up woman! But I think I missed the sharing lesson in school because I just can't do it. No promises :)

D said...

Going there now! Thanks for the heads up. Love the jewelry!