Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Remember when I talked about getting my Christmas cards completed and showed you cards of years past? Well, I did manage this years, but only with Nikki's help. Without her, they'd likely still be one my to-do list to edit and order. I don't have to admit that I just mailed them Tuesday, do I? With that said, Merry Christmas!

Mother Nature totally screwed up our Christmas plans, so we didn't get on the road until today. If you didn't get the memo that Santa isn't coming until tonight, please do NOT tell my child that he came to your house last night. Based on the population expansion, I am under the assumption that he had to increase his route by one night and we were one of the unlucky families that got bumped to night #2.

Current status: two hours in the car down, five more to go, four cars already observed in the ditch, and Lilo & Stitch blaring in my ear from the backseat. All of this to spend Christmas with my sister and her JEWISH husband. Driving across the state, in a snowstorm, to spend Christmas with the Jewish side of the family. At least they bought a tree on our behalf. There is a B-rated movie plot line somewhere in this this story, I am sure.

Although, today starts a ten-day paid holiday break from work, so I am having a hard time being cranky about anything.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


C. Beth said...

I LOVE the card!!!!

And ten days off work...NICE. If only you got ten days off of mommying too, huh? (Oh, did I say that out loud?)

Call Me Cate said...

Your card is fantastic, I love it. I'm filing all these ideas away for my hypothetical children I'll probably never have.

Sorry the weather is wreaking havoc but enjoy your break! As long as you aren't taking too much of a break from blogging. Cuz then I would be sad. And you wouldn't want to make me sad...

E. Sloane Cannon said...

Looooove the card!! My sister was reading your blog over my shoulder this morning and was cracking up. You might have found a new follower! Merry Christmas, and tomorrow ;-)

Lyndsay said...

Beth - Hey, I'd take a day. My expectations aren't that high.

Cate - Thanks! Steal away! No, of course I'm not taking a break from blogging. In fact, it'll be a time when I actually have TIME to blog. Plus, I wouldn't wna to make you sad.

Sloane - Merry Christmas to you too! I haven't forgotten about you, I just haven't gotten caught up on my email this week!

Jeanne said...

Your card is great! American Greetings buys birthday card ideas. Wonder if they buy Christmas card ideas, too? And your daughter is the perfect model!

Comedy Goddess said...

That is a great card! I think you should figure out how to mass market it for next year. Seriously!

Jenners said...

Oh this card is classic! Probably the best one I've seen!!!

I love that you are postponing Christmas by a day ... might as well take advantage while you still can!

And enjoy your 10 days off! Sounds glorious!

Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments on my "redesign." It isn't totally the way I like it but it is good enough for now ... I kind of pushed myself to the limit on what I could do in 2 days!

Enjoy your vacation and the holidays!

Lolli said...

What a precious card! Have a great Christmas, and enjoy your trip!

Simplicity said...

Awesome card!!!

Enjoy your well-deserved time off!!

Jennifer said...

that is CLASSIC!!!! love it!

Redsoxfan said...

I love it! I got my idea this year from your previous I like this one for next year!

I waited until my kids were sleeping and then put some white lights across them...the caption said "We're dreaming of a white Christmas..."