Wednesday, December 24, 2008

She CAN Take a Joke

On Monday, Kate was lucky enough to spend the day with Sherry and Jana. They risked their lives and sanity by taking Kate on a city wide shopping excursion that morning. Apparently she was wonderful and well behaved which should please me, but instead is affirmation that it is just me that awakens her inner devil in public.

The only mentionable part of the morning occurred as they were headed into the grocery store.

KATE: Jana, don’t yell at me in the store.
JANA: What?!?!
KATE: Don’t yell at me in the store.
JANA: Kate, I won’t yell at you in the store.
KATE: I was just JOKING.

Let’s assess the execution of a joke from an almost-three-year-old. First, she picked an unsuspecting person who has not seen her in months – brilliant. Second, she picked a location populated with the general public – classic. Third, she chose a quite embarrassing and unlikely reprimand – score.

I am thinking that I need to quickly make friends with the elementary school teachers in our district. We are going to have some relationships to cultivate before this one gets to school. In other words, bribe them and pay them off before she gets there and it is too late.

Certainly some people think that I am bragging and insinuating that my child is a genius. I am not. She is not a genius, she is clever. I could handle genius, but I am not sure I’m cut out for clever.


Call Me Cate said...

I agree, clever is far more dangerous than genius. Of course, since you *used to* be witty, can we really blame Kate that it's in her genes to be a smartypants?

C. Beth said...

I will not be surprised if she ends up being a genius too. (A little Einstein...with better hair.)

The Rambler said...

Yes. I would be frightened of clever!

Merry Christmas!

Jeanne said...

Do we, perhaps, have a mother's curse coming home to roost -- did you get one just like you?

Lyndsay said...

Cate - I believe we are entering the danger zone for sure. I take no responsibility for her DNA. Our most frequent question is "where did she come from?"

Beth - LOL, let's just hope for better hair. If I am not cut out for clever, I'm certainly not cut out for a clever genius.

Rambler - I'm afraid, very, very afraid :)

Jeanne - Should I be offended by that? :) Our conversation usually goes like this:

Dude, she's totally you.
No she's not, she's all your fault.
Nope, I'm blaming this on you ...

You get the point, LOL!