Monday, December 15, 2008

Maybe I'm in the Minority Here

Recently we had a nurse come to our house to complete physicals for our life-insurance policies. For the record, there is something surreal and discomforting about getting your blood drawn at your dining room table. No one prepared me for just how much fun being “grown-up” and “responsible” would be. I almost can’t contain the excitement. It rates right up there with spending $3500 on a water softener. Adulthood is so overrated.

In typical Kate fashion, she had to be the center of entertainment the entire time. Of course she did. It was only second best to when our financial advisor was there and she went upstairs and came back down in her bathing suit – to dance. Yeah, I know. You are embarrassed for me, right?

So, as the visit was concluding, the nurse looked down at Kate and said, “Do you know who you remind me of?” Kate was a little confused, but said, “Who?”

Wait for it.

Waiting for it.

Any guesses?

Still waiting for it.

JonBenet Ramsey!” she said gleefully without a moment of hesitation.

Well, you know, sans the pageant dress, up-do’s, make-up, and CREEPY HOMOCIDE. Kate doesn’t look like JonBenet Ramsey, but that is sort of the least of my worries. Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but even if I saw JonBenet’s clone walking down the street, I’d refrain from uttering any mention of the comparison to her parents.

At times I find myself in the minority with my personal opinion, so maybe others find this in good taste. Last week in the Doctor’s office, I apparently was the only one who didn’t think that engaging in conversation about my colon was appropriate either. But, that’s a story for a different time.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!! that is so funny.
miss you guys!!! i'll be home for 2 weeks around christmas...i must see kate. :)

Anonymous said...

that last comment was from me.

Call Me Cate said...

I would've been a little disturbed too I think. No, I'm sure. That's creepy.

betsy said...

Ewww. That's so not right to say about any child, unless they are actually -in- a beauty pagent and a comment like that might be veiwed as a compliment. Even then, still so very wrong.

C. Beth said...

Okay, that makes me laugh but it is DEFINITELY creepy!!!!

dizzblnd said...

She IS a beautiful girl, but I see no resemblence to Jonbenet.

I wasn't embarrassed for you ewither.. I was laughing cause it wasn't MY kid!

Yes adulthood sucks.. my daughter will be 18 Christmas Eve.. she can't wait... I keep telling her... You have NO idea!

Kelly said...

OK, my last few posts were so totally about my colon. Um, not kidding.

That said, I would NEVER make the same comparison. I mean, c'mon! Funny and so very creepy at the same time....

Liz said...

That is just WEIRD. And she probably enjoys sticking people with those needles, too.

Rebecca Jo said...

It could be worse - I had my OB/GYN has me to give a knitting lesson while I'm in a paper gown... yeah... weird!

Jeanne said...

Well that's just messed up, but it still made me laugh.

MS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MS said...

I fouled up some spelling, so I'll repost:

I just joined the adult world myself by buying my first car on my own. Oh, my my my, how I cried when I signed that paper agreeing to pay back that loan!

And, yes, creepiest comment ever. Who raised that woman? You should've told her she looked just like Sharon Tate (or another murdered celebreity), "you know, before that whole bloody stabbing thing."

Anonymous said...

I'm actually going to have to agree with you. That's kind of a random/bizarre statement to make. I mean, what exactly did that mean? Did she know JonBenet? She could have just said "My, you are a just a little firecracker!" Or something like that if she was just referring to Kate as being outgoing.
As for the colon thing, I love colon talk. Can't get enough of it. Wish that was the post of the day. Bummer!

Breana said...

OH MY GOD. That is horrible. I agree.. it's like being told you look like OJ Simpson.. even if I was talking about his younger days when some might call him handsome.. It's just not right.
(And she doesn't look like JonBenet.)

Sarah said...

I'm with you on that one!

Simplicity said...

I would have DEFINITELY been disturbed! That's awful!

I recently went to get my blood tests done for a life insurance policy and agreed to meet the nurse at her house. As I sat down at the dining room table, I noticed a stack of empty beer cases and wine bottles. I said, "I'll show myself out, thank you!"

The Rambler said...

Agreed. The queen of creepyville came to your house today.

Jennifer said...

yea, definitely weird!!

Jenners said...

Yeah...comparing someone's kid to JonBenet Ramsey is very inappropriate and strange. I would never ever say that! I hope your daughter didn't ask who that was...that is a totally loaded and difficult question. From what I've seen, your daughter is adorable and normal and age-appropriate looking.

The Tildy Spot said...

Yeah, I agree, that was not okay.

Lyndsay said...

Jana - Yes, you sure do! She'd love it.

Cate - Yup, glad you agree!

Betsy - So wrong, so very very wrong is right!

C.Beth - Glad you can laugh, LOL :)

dizzblnd - yes, laughing because it isn't you IS likely more appropriate. I think that is why I exist ... to be that parent people are just glad they aren't,LOL!

Kelly - There is a time and place for colon talk. The blog, of course, is one of them. The general public ... amongst two strangers ... not so much!

Lyndsay said...

Liz - Oh ... I BET she does.

Rebecca - I think you officially has me beat. Now, please tell me your OB is a woman. Please, uh, please ...

Jeanne - Glad I could provide a laugh in the midst of our creepiness :)

MS - Oh my gosh, loved the "before the whole bloody stabbing thing" - why can't I ever come up with good comebacks? LOL

Janah - Oh man, I'll have to get working on that colon post, just for you!

Breana - People are so weird. I guess it's good though, they keep me full of blog-material!

Sarah - So glad to hear I am not in the minority here!

Simplicity - Okay, that's bad. Really bad. I'm glad you left. There were diseases to be contracted there for sure!

Rambler - Uh huh. You know, just what I needed.

Jennifer - Again, so glad I'm NOT in the minority.

Jenners - Well, I guess the plus is these weird people who keep me full of good blog writing. When I start putting Kate is make-up, I'll be blog fodder for someone else, LOL!

Tildy - Uh huh! Thanks for commenting!

cw2smom said...

Geez. I can't imagine saying something like that or having anyone say it about my kid. all her stupidity...she was trying to be flattering? I dunno. Maybe her ears are ringing about now! We can only hope she's still kickin' herself over that stoopid comment! LOL! Lisa

Audiophile Girl said...

Yeah, um...what's the proper response to that? That's crazy.