Friday, October 17, 2008

Its 5 o'clock somewhere

A couple of weeks ago, I was picking Kate up at daycare, when her daycare provider informed me that Kate had something new to tell me. Nonchalantly, she asks Kate, “What time is it?” Without missing a beat, Kate yells back, “Its cocktail time!”

My head rotated 180 degrees as I stood staring in disbelief. My first thought was what a horrible judge of character I must be. How on earth can her daycare provider be teaching her that it is cocktail time? I laughed a nervous little laugh and just.stood.there.

Then, the story came out. See, our daycare lady is one of those people who are truly made for the job. All of the kids are on the same routine and take a nap at the same time every day. During nap time, there is a cooking show that she apparently watches. Well, Kate incidentally had been getting up a little early from her nap and would be coming downstairs right as this show was ending. At the end of the cooking segment, the host apparently says “Now, it’s cocktail time!”

She hadn't given a thought to it until Kate started repeating the phrase. All of a sudden, she realized that she should probably inform me. I think she was worried that it would just come out some time and catch me totally off guard. Yes, I think that would be an understatement.

Whenever someone asks what time it is, my sweet little daughter STILL yells “It’s cocktail time!” It’s sort of difficult to defend and I tend to think I look like I’m making up some bizarre story to explain it, so I don’t. I’m sure the general public is quite concerned about the activities taking place in our house.

Oh well.

Its cocktail time, no?


Anonymous said...

I know the show -- Semi-Homemade. She not only cooks a meal, but sets a beautiful table, and gives a recipe for a "matching" cocktail. So, I can vouch for your babysitter -- your darling little girl did probably hear that phrase there. But isn't it interesting what little ones grab out of all the words floating around them to quote! (Of course, the shocked reactions she gets from adults probably encourage her all the more!)

One of the many reasons I have always said, "God gave me children to make me humble." (and sometimes confused and embarrassed!)

C. Beth said...

I for one would just find it totally funny and cute.

Of course, if she said it while mixing up the perfect mojito, I would be a little disturbed. Then I'd take the mojito, thank her, and enjoy it.

Kara said...

Abby knows and recognizes wine, and when she sees me drinking it, will say "that's good wine, Mommy? You like it?" like my own little sommelier :-) I've even watched her play with her little doll family and say "milk for baby, water for Abby, wine for Mommy."

And, I taught her and her friend to "clink" their sippy cups together and say "cheers!" before they have dinner.

Feel better, Lyndsay? Because if Abby says "it's cocktail time!" it will be because she picked it up from ME, not a show! :-)

Caroline said...

Nice! Next time she does it in public just retort "Not without my Xanax!"

Brett one time turned to me while we were standing in line at a store and said, "Hey mom, remember when I came into your room and dad was holding your boobs? What was that all about?"