Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your inheritance, the bathroom counter

Any professional design person goes into a project like this with every detail finalized. We pretty much wing it, from start to finish. The bathroom renovation started with this sink from Kohler, which I fell in love with. This sink became the basic design inspiration for the room: square and straight lines. It totally worked. The wainscoting carried the straight lines theme. I adored this washboard colored paint and knew I would not be brave enough to use it elsewhere, so it found its home in this room.

The bathroom mirror was one I found at Target. Look in the section with decorative mirrors, they are always so much more fun than the ones in the bathroom section. After I bought the mirror, I randomly found the matching hardware at Lowe's. Fate, no? I took a close up picture of the details as proof that under dire decorating circumstances, I can indeed pay attention to the details.

The bathroom is complete, but not without two major catastrophes along the way. First, was the faucet. It was outrageously difficult to find a square faucet whose price did not rival a Caribbean vacation. It took weeks of searching and I eventually found the faucet I wanted. For $550 I could choose between this faucet, and buying groceries for the rest of the month. I was going to sign-up for that guaranteed weight loss plan, but Craig could not be coerced, cajoled, or bribed. Thank ebay, because I got it for 1/3 of the price. Thrifty, aren't I?

The other major drama concerned the Corian that I picked out for the counter. Craig brought the Corian samples home from work and told me to pick out what I liked. He said that the Corian would be about $150 a sheet and we would only need one. I wanted something that tied into our gray and white theme, yet offered a little color. I am daring like that. After excruciating debate, I picked the PERFECT color and we special ordered it. Three weeks later, the bill came for the Corian and it was $595. This here is called a failure to communicate. Upon further investigation, it appears that my-heightened-sense-of-design-self picked the most expensive Corian they carried. Of course I did. I can see some of you who know me well nodding your heads vigorously right now. Out of a box of 200 choices, I picked the winning one. I so should have bought a lottery ticket that day. It is the most expensive three-square-feet in our home.

Good news for me, I love it. Bad news for whoever buys this house from us, I am totally taking that damn countertop with me and selling it on the Corian blackmarket.


Carol Beth said...

LOVE IT!! And I see you got an elongated toilet bowl. We got those in our house too; DH was very excited. I said I just don't get the elongated bowl thing at ALL, and it was explained to me that it helps men to have more room for their, um, boy parts, when they sit down. Oh, okay. Got it.

Kara said...

Your bathroom is beautiful!!

Jessica said...

That is super fantastic!