Monday, September 15, 2008

Say what?

I survived class. It wasn’t that difficult and I was relieved to still be capable of appearing smart and studious. You can exhale now; I know it’s been a long wait. I learned more about job analysis that I ever cared to know in my life. The class was taught by an Industrial Psychologist. I did not know such a profession existed. Does it really get any more laborious than that?

While inarguably knowledgeable, he was one of those people who are way too smart to be teaching us normal folk. While I can appreciate an expanded vocabulary, it isn’t like we are at Harvard. I could see a number of wide-eyed people in the room who had no clue what this guy was saying.

Approximately nine hours into the process, I started making note of some of my favorite words. The beauty was that these words weren’t used as part of the material we needed to learn, it was simply the way he talked. It was a mixture of meeting a thesaurus on steroids and being pummeled on the head with a hardcover Webster Dictionary.

Without further ado, my list:


Now you are as smart as I am and it didn’t even cost you the $1300.


Carol Beth said...

I'm a little too reticent to show off like that. Although it might be something that I should do so that my posterity can take pride in me. Was he saying useful things, or was it all drivel? Perhaps his onus was that he wanted to seem better than all of you. Whatever his motivation, it does seem rather egregious, using that many big words. But if it undergirds his sense of self, I guess it's okay.

I really don't know if I used all of those correctly....

Lyndsay said...

Okay Beth, you are killing me here :)