Monday, July 27, 2009

The source of my sore muscles, bad attitude, and pessimism

We’ve been toying with the idea of putting our house on the market for over a year now. Truth be told, it isn’t because we have specific alternate plans concerning our residency. The only definite we have is the feeling that this house likely isn’t in any potential plans. We met with our realtor in May to get an idea of just how pathetic the market currently is and when we could expect to see some improvement. We learned that while the market is currently at the highest level of suck, it is likely that next year it might be like suck on steroids, and the following year projections included forecasts of posting your house on Freecycle.

We did what any irrational couple unwilling to postpone moving for four years would do, we decided to put our house on the market. Such a simple statement. Such an ineffable undertaking considering the house was about 90% renovated and 10% organized at that point in time.

Heading into June, I told Craig that we’d likely have the house ready in a couple of weeks. That is sort of like me saying, “I’ll be ready in FIVE minutes”, which really means crack open a beer and turn on a re-run of Two and a Half Men and I’ll be down in 45 minutes. Incidentally, a couple of weeks meant seven; seven weeks of nonstop work. Spending seven weeks of summer subject to such torture should be illegal.

Those weeks enriched my brain in the following ways: Helpful hint #1: If it is still in the box from when you moved in 5 years ago, just throw it away because you obviously haven’t missed it or the other 15 boxes just like it. Helpful hint #2: Washing the outside of your windows is overrated. Learning how to use a combination of a pressure-washer and dish detergent = priceless. Helpful hint #3: It is a sign that you’ve neglected your fridge too long when you find a jar of pickles that expired in 2007. Helpful hint #4: It is amazing how much a playroom gets used when you take the treadmill, itinerant furniture, and boxes of clothing out of it. Helpful hint #5: Hiding mountains of paperwork in Tupperware bins and labeling them “office supplies” only sounds like a good idea until you have to move said bins.

On Friday we officially put our house on the market. A co-worker looked at our listing online and couldn’t stop exclaiming over how clean, organized, and show-room perfect our house looked in the pictures. I’m all, NO SHIT, that is because I got so delirious I donated, Craig’s Listed, or threw away most of what we owned.
Oh and whatever you do, don’t look in the closets until some time next week.


Anonymous said...

good luck! are you guys wanting to stay in the area or.....?

Call Me Cate said...

Best of luck! It's a tough market but consensus seems to be "worse before better". What story are we telling Kate to encourage her cleanliness in this venture?

P.S. Sometimes I want to move just so I have a reason to get rid of all this crap.

Anonymous said...

Now, I must look into the closest. I bet they look like mine. I'm sure that is the only thing we have in common regarding the state of our homes. I also have many boxes I have never looked at in 6 years. I do believe it is time to throw, free cycle them, or make a trip to Good Will (is that one or two words, hm?


Kara said...

Good luck! We put our house up last week and got a great offer within 4 days of listing. SO LUCKY. We hopefully sign the P&S this week to lock in the suckers... I mean, buyers.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Now...will you come do my house?


The Rambler said...

Good luck on the sale! :)