Saturday, July 4, 2009

Name that photo

Happy Indepedence Day! Or, I guess if you are a blog reader from outside of the United States, err, Happy Saturday!

My plans were to catch a cute picture of Kate at the parade today, but that was about as successful as most of my plans end up being. You know, planning to catch up on the 3 million emails in my inbox; planning to clean the basement; planning to stop being sarcastic ...

As I looked at the uploaded photos from the festivities today, I found this one that I had to share. Kate's expression is fantastic and totally sums up her personality. It just cracks me up, she's got a neverending supply of facial expressions.

I couldn't come up with an appropriate caption, so I thought I would leave that up to you.

Happy 4th!


MS said...

How about "My daughter has the most effing amazing green eyes EVER? Yeah, she gets that from me."

Have a great 4th!

Call Me Cate said...

She looks a bit crazed in that awesome way that only three year olds can. Like half a second after the photo was taken, she launched off into the sky and sparkled or something.

Me, Amplified said...

wow, you guys have the same eyes and mouth. she is absolutely beautiful.

Me, Amplified said...

p.s. so are you!
(is that your natural colour? ok, ok, i'm sorry lol)

Michel said...

She looks like she just spotted someone that found out something she did that was not right.

I know that is usually followed by me hiding.

Happy 4th!

C. Beth said...

I'm not feeling creative enough for a caption, but--you are both so beautiful!

Casey & Andrea said...

No matter what expression she makes she is still beautiful.

Ann's Rants said...

Hurry up, Craig, she has to go potty. Take the effin' picture Dad, I gotta go!

Hey--are you going to blogher lobbycon?

You guys are magazine-cover worthy.