Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life motto of the moment

I’ve been contemplating writing a post that explains just how busy I am, how far behind in all aspects of life I feel, and consequently how inept I’ve been at posting the last couple of months. Then, I thought, why point out the obvious? You guys are smart people; I think you’ve figured it out.

I’ve been inexplicably busy at work. I’m much too intelligent to write about work on my blog, but I can say it has not been my favorite of months. There is a management quote that my dear friend Sarah shared with me last week, that I thinks sums up just exactly how I’ve felt at work lately. “The key to being a great manager is keeping those who hate you away from those who are still undecided.”

I’ve been drowning in school, which includes an online stats course and a labor relations course that I travel 5 hours to attend one day per week. I think that combination could easily be threatened by a judge to any parolee and guarantee a zero percent chance of recidivism. Let’s be serious for a moment and contemplate online stats. Stats comes about as naturally to me as Swahili and I get the added benefit of having to teach it to myself. Yes, me, the one who likely won’t be qualified to help Kate with her math homework in 3rd grade. Now, let’s think about the labor relations course that I drive 2.5 hours to after a long day at work, sit in for 3.5 hours, to turn around and drive 2.5 hours home. Multiply that by 8 weeks and then pour me a drink because my brain hurts.

I’ve also been bombarded with house projects, as we finish the final three unrenovated rooms in our house in a mad attempt to get our house on the market. That sentence should make your eyes roll back in your head and uncontrollable giggles escape the confines of your mouth. Selling your house? In Michigan? Snort. This woman really is delirious. However, it’s in our master plan for many reasons and apparently I believe that we are choosing not to participate in this recession.

Today, Kate and I went into TJMaxx to see if we could hunt down an eclectic mirror for our current renovation project: the master bathroom from hell. We didn’t find one, but instead found this curious little plaque that cannon-balled off the shelf into my cart.

I think it is a sign. Now, that is a double entendre.

All of that to tell you that I wasn’t going to tell you how busy I am. I’m efficient like that.

I’m trying to be better about being here though, as this blog tends to be my only sane outlet. That right there is a scary thought …


Call Me Cate said...

Weren't you supposed to be relaxing or taking it easy this summer? What happened to that?

Best of luck with the house selling. Yeah, that whole "recession" thing is a nuisance but sometimes our lives have to go on regardless.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with selling your home!! Just found your site and I love your humor!

Grand Pooba said...

Well at least you can admit that you are behind right? And oh how I have missed our wine talks, your drink has been poured and is waiting!

langskip said...

You may also want to create a life motto in Old Norse.