Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did you know that it is March 30th today?

My attempt to master time management consists of an awkward mixture of Microsoft Outlook and a Franklin Covey planner. The computer keeps track of my meetings and the planner gives me a place to put all my notes, reminders, messages, to-do’s, and basically anything that cannot be classified as a meeting. It isn’t pretty and I know all those time management professionals would shake their finger at me because the rule is to only use one system. I can’t stay organized with two, how on earth would I manage by only using one? Stupid people.

So, what does one do when they finally have time to open their planner on April 23rd and finds that it is still on March 30th?

a) Alternate between fits of hysterics, giggles, and maniacal snorts.

b) Simply turn the planner from March 30th to April 23rd and hope that everything contained in-between those pages were insignificant, redundant items.

c) Take a Xanax and ponder the absurdity of time management.

d) Quickly exclude mention of this item from the time management curriculum that you are about to teach.

e) Other

You know, I am just wondering. It happened to a friend of a friend and I am wondering what to tell her to do.


Call Me Cate said...

Hypothetically, I'd say that maybe your "friend" hasn't quite found a system yet that works for her. It sounds like she's trying but she's just not there yet.

Personally, I use Google Calendar and Google talk lists in Gmail to stay organized. Since I have no life and I'm online all the time, this works for me. I suspect it will work even better if Joe gets my a Blackberry in a few months as promised.

Still, I do sometimes miss having paper lists. I tell myself it's green not to but there's something so cathartic about crossing things off.

Lyndsay said...

Yes, LOL! I swear, the planner was an attempt to rid myself from Post-it note mountain. My lists were starting their own planet, I swear.

Michel said...

HAHA! I do the same. I make all these to do lists - and then cross off two things, but add 5 more - then by the end of the day, I'm even more behind....

Eventually, I just throw out the list because I like to claim the stuff was "overtaken by events" (OBE).