Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You've Got a Friend

I remember this specific Saturday in Junior High like it was yesterday. That is quite a feat considering my inability to remember yesterday the majority of the time. I would be an interrogators dream. “What do you mean you can’t remember what you did yesterday woman? Don’t make me hang you from the ceiling by your toenails. Speak!” So, remembering a random Saturday some sixteen years ago is nothing short of a miracle.

On that particular Saturday, my mother was doing her very motherly-duty of hauling our ungrateful, spoiled little selves to ice-skating class. This Saturday was different though. This Saturday my brand-new friend Megan was coming along with us. I am not sure whose idea of a good time riding 60 miles to watch someone else ice-skate was, but we went with it. I guess that beat the other available options in our no-name town on a Saturday afternoon, like watching paint dry.

I was nervous about hanging out with my new friend. She was funny and I was, well, not. I tried though; I tried what could be classified as a little too hard. About 8 miles out of town, I spotted a little ma-and-pa style resort on the north side of the road. How come I had never noticed such an odd little place? “Megan, look! That place is called Linger Longer Resort. Who would name something Linger Longer?” I cackled, hoping Megan would appreciate my humor. Silence ensued. “Um, yeah, that is my Grandpa and Grandpa’s resort” Megan causally said.

I think I fainted and blacked-out for a quick moment, so I don’t recall the blubbering, awkward, apologizing that followed.

About 35 miles further down the road, I regained my confidence and my spunk. Simultaneously, I realized that we were quickly approaching a house that I always gawked at on my weekly trip. “Megan, oh my gosh! Seriously, you HAVE to see this house. They have animals running all over their yard, not like dogs, like barnyard animals IN THEIR FRONT YARD. It’s like the freaking animal farm.” Megan crinkled her nose and giggled a nervous, fake, giggle. “Um, yeah, that is my other Grandma and Grandpa’s house.”

I think I fainted again and I am almost certain I died just for a quick moment before I was speedily revived to face the embarrassment of trying to remove the foot that had permanently taken up residence in my mouth.

That, Ladies and Gentleman, was the official start to one of my greatest friendships of all time. Apparently the key to any true, long-lasting friendship starts with an obnoxious trashing of ones family. Last weekend, I was able to join in celebrating Megan’s 30th birthday. We have now officially been friends for more of our life than we haven’t and that is something I truly cherish. I contemplated getting all mushy and professing my undying thankfulness for Megan's friendship, but that seemed, well, too expected.

My second thought was to honor her by proving a catty recap of the activities surrounding the 30th birthday party. However, very few of those details are suitable for publishing on this here family-friend blog. What kind of company have I been keeping? All I have to say is that it was the first time I was ever threatened by someone to “Go all Chris Brown on my ass.”

With that my dear Megs, Happy Birthday. Here is to the next 30!


Rachel Cotterill said...

That's sweet :) Happy birthday, Megan!

Snarky A. said...

Happy birthday Megan!
Cheers to great friends!

Lisa said...

blessed be to our girl friends- we all need them xx

stacy said...

James will be so excited to see he made your blog. Everyone is probably like...Who is that random freaky guy? I guess our secret it out, we love your blog!

Hopefully we see you soon!

C. Beth said...

Wow, that is a great story! I love it!

How wonderful to have a friendship for so long.

Call Me Cate said...

That's the problem with those small towns - everyone's related to half the town. So if you're poking fun at something NOT related to you, chances are it belongs to the other half (as does the new friend). Been there, done that.

But yay for long-lasting friendships. Happy birthday Megan!

Claire said...

What a beautiful post about a wonderful friendship!! My BFF and I (we met in 7th grade) wanted to have a party the year we realized we had known each other for longer than we hadn't known each other! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

this is so cute....I love those long term friendships...you can hide nothing from each other!!!
love the Chris Brown comment.

Jeanne said...

Girlfriends are the best!

Jenners said...

Well I could see why that might stick in your memory!What a great story! And I love hearing about strong women friendships ... there is nothing better in life! Well, except the moments like you describe in your next post!

What a lovely tribute to your friend!