Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to the world!

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sister’s first baby. They decided to be one of those difficult couples who didn’t find out the sex of the baby, which made the wait near unbearable, but admittedly, a lot more fun. If this baby’s arrival into the world is any indication of his temperament, his parents are in for trouble. Pre-term labor started Dec 24th, resulting in weeks of bed rest, unending contractions, and stress on the parents-to-be. However, despite being released from bed rest and “technically” full-term, the little one gave no indication of making a grand appearance anytime over the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, this frustrated the very impatient parents. The baby kept trying to come when it wasn’t time and they wouldn’t come when it was time. I can’t resist the urge to compare their child to the Springer-spaniel that we tried to train, albeit unsuccessfully, for five years. I am hoping my darling sister is too busy with her newborn to have time to check my blog and realize that I have compared her first-born to our ill-behaved canine. I see difficulty in their future, but at least they will be in good company. I should start copying my instruction manual for her now.

Part of me sees this as paybacks to my brother-in-law, who has indicated that if the child has ADD, he will be able to blame my sisters’ genes. Apparently he is using Kate is the proof of that theory, which is totally lame because that associates Kate's pseudo-diagnosis with ME, whereas it is most definitely her father’s genes.

Without further ado, I introduce my nephew, Ethan Joseph, born at 2:11 a.m. this morning.

I can’t wait to meet his perfect little face and kiss his cheeks. I absolutely love babies and I love them even more when they are ones that someone else needs to feed and get up with multiple times per night. I only had a moment to speak to my sister today, so I don’t have many details. All I heard was “this is the FIRST and ONLY natural (un-medicated) childbirth I will ever have.”


Grand Pooba said...

Yay! I love babies! Especially nephews that you get to play with, spoil and then return to their parents when they start crying!

Ya know, I see nothing wrong with comparing the newborn to your dog, as a parent of a dog myself I couldn't agree more!

As for the ADD? Good luck!

C. Beth said...

Aaaaaaw! Congratulations to your sister and to you, Auntie Lyndsay!

Within just a few weeks, the natural childbirth memory becomes markedly more positive.... Otherwise the human race never would have survived pre-epidurals. :) (But I will admit it huuuuurts!!)

Jenners said...

Oh! Too cute! He reminds me of how my son looked when he was born! And why do all hospitals seems to have the exact same blankets!

Congrats on the new addition to the family! : )

Lisa said...

blessed be- a gift of nature xx

Rachel Cotterill said...

Oh, he's so adorable. When are you going to visit? I sometimes wish I had siblings - I'll never have nephews & nieces.

Jeanne said...

He's a beauty! Congratulations, Aunt Lyndsay!

Call Me Cate said...

Nephews are awesome - I got one last year and he's the best.

I have to watch myself - my only point of reference when it comes to caring for living creatures happens to be my cats. And somehow mothers get offended when I compare hairballs to baby spitup.

angi_b72 said...

awww how precious!! Congrats Auntie!!

Jodi said...

YAY! I just emailed you about this and now I know! He is precious! Congrats Lyndsay's sister!