Thursday, December 11, 2008

I wouldn't recommend just anyone

Do you ever wonder who you would be if you were to suddenly wake up as a 22 year old member of the opposite sex?

Oh good, me either.

However, I think I inadvertently found a potential answer. Now pay attention, this one is complicated. I’ve been reading my good friend Beth’s blog (Hi Beth!) for quite some time. Through Beth's blog, I found Sandra. Last week Sandra wrote about a great new blog, Life, written by Schafner. This is akin to following a conversation about your mom’s brother’s new wife who used to be married to your second cousin, just not nearly as creepy.

So, I followed Sandra’s advice and wandered over to Schafner’s blog. I had nothing better to do, since I was just sitting at home in my pajamas eating bon-bon’s and watching Ricki Lake *snort*. I started reading and immediately sensed recognition. My first thought was an immediate panic that I had written something and Blogger screwed it all up and published it on this random dude's blog. I mean, I know I said that I’d be relying heavily on the Pinot Noir to get me through this time, but I was exaggerating. Instead of sleep walking, had I engaged in sleep blogging? It was uncanny to see my sense of humor through the writing of another person.

His post today literally made me laugh out loud. That doesn’t come easily people. In honor of that accomplishment, I asked Schafner if he’d mind being featured here today.

Don’t get me wrong, he is a better writer than I am. He is one of those fancy-schmancy editors. He even uses appropriate punctuation and “stuff”. You know, one of those show-offs who actually paid attention in school.

Side bar: I hated my high school English teacher. If I can't write good, or make misstakes in my spellling, blame her.

I’m more apt to get my point across by DOING.THINGS.LIKE.THIS. Regardless, our writing styles are incredibly similar and I really enjoy reading his blog. Maybe if I "apply myself", I can aspire to such writing greatness. He is new to blogging, so I know he’d appreciate any of you who stopped by to say hi.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the comments and feedback on the blogging post (below). If you haven’t responded yet, you’ll do so if you know what’s good for you.

(insert evil laugh here)

Off to see if those elves have finished my homework yet.


Jennifer said...

I'm going to check out the post now....

Schafner said...

Pshaw, I don't see what all the hubbub is about this "Schafner" guy. He doesn't look that interesting to me. ;)

But seriously, thanks so much for the recommendation. Of course, your post made me laugh, and smile ... a lot. Very nicely done indeed.

Oh, and as for "He's a better writer than I am." I say you're the most modest person I've ever met.

Grammar doesn't constitute good writing, believe me. Your ability to relate to the audience is awesome. How long does it take you to create a post? It takes me anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours. I'm not a natural writer, it takes a LOT of editing on my part to make it seem "smooth."

Again, thanks so much for the recommendation. It feels so much better coming from someone whose blog is so professionally (whatever you may say) and cleverly done.

Keep up the good work! ... My strange-and-perhaps-awkwardly-female counterpart writer!

Sarah said...

I followed your link. He is a fantastic writer and now thats ANOTHER blog I'll have read while I'm procrastinating from, you know, everything else!

BTW - good luck with the school stuff. Did you ask for an extension? The masters courses I've done have been pretty understanding with professional students :)

Call Me Cate said...

No wonder you need homework elves, Lyndsay. And now you're making the rest of us feel your "pain" by giving us more distractions.

Great suggestion though, thanks!

The Rambler said...

Yha, he is hilarious! Thanks for the share. :)

angi_b72 said...

OMG...thanks for sharing!! He is too funny!

dizzblnd said...


Ok I'm not typing that all again in lowercase .. sorry.But I wasn't yelling either.

Thanks for the recommendation.. he is very funny and your writing styles are pretty similar. Don't sell yourself short. You are just as good as many of the bloggers here if not better!

Schafner said...

*EDIT* The last part on my previous comment was supposed to be funny.

But alas, I think I screwed up translating it to paper (which happens more often than not).

I was trying to say that our similarities were funny, strange, perhaps awkward, etc.

I think it may read a little differently. My apologies.

Lyndsay said...

Schafner - LOL, I knew exactly what you meant!

To answer a different question (one you won't like the answer to), I spent roughly 15 minutes on each post. I write it all quickly ... then occasionally spend a few minutes reviewing it for errors. I don't think I've ever spent longer than 20-25 minutes on the whole thing.

Sometimes I keep random notes on blog posts I want to do, so I start the post with at least a general outline.

Heck, if it took me longer, you'd never see me here :)

Everyone else - thanks for your kind comments :)

Carry on now, carry on!

Lyndsay said...

Oh and if you think it's bad that I can write that much that quickly, you should hear me talk.

Maybe I should stick to blogging, LOL!

The Tildy Spot said...

Thanks for recommending Schafner. Really enjoyed him and have added him to my ever growing list of blogs I must follow.

Whitney said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

You know, I think you are a great writer. And I'm one of those annoying English majors. Good grammer doesn't mean good or great writing. It's all about the heart and feeling that goes into it.

I love exclamation points, which cause my professors to recoil in horror!! But YAY for expressing yourself through random and varied punctuation!!!!!

Comedy Goddess said...

You both are great!

C. Beth said...

I agree; he's got a great blog!

And SO. DO. YOU!

Simplicity said...

Yes indeed very funny! As are you!

How's the wine? :)

Angela said...

Congrats Lyndsay! You were one of the winners in my giveaway for a FREE BLOG MAKEOVER! Please make sure that I have your e-mail address (you can leave a comment on my blog) and we'll be contacting you shortly to discuss details. Thanks again for entering!

Momma Chae said...

Awesome. :) You just made me laugh.
I found my soulmate/long lost twin once on a blog and I thought, why the crap don't I ever meet anyone like this in real life?? I thought I was the only weirdo...