Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Livin' on the Edge

I used to be fearless. I spent the majority of my teenage years believing I was invincible, which resulted in some really stupid decisions. We will save those for another day though, okay? I've got a reputation to protect around here. Besides, no would actually believe that I used to be fun. Gasp. I lived life with reckless abandon, carefree and adventure seeking. In retrospect, I am probably lucky I came out of those years unscathed.

Then, I grew up and got boring. And wimpy. And predictable. Dare I think of doing something that isn’t on my calendar? Spontaneity, what’s that? Do you know the risks of doing XYZ? Seriously, when did I get so cautious?

Apparently, it is something that sweet Kate didn’t inherit.

Disclaimer: Whoever designed this house must have graduated from the Last Resort Design School: Catering to Those Who Couldn’t Make it Elsewhere. Anyway, our laundry room is connected to the kitchen and family room, complete with no place to fold clothes. Accordingly, clothes get hauled out to the couch to get folded. Kate takes great joy in interrupting this progress.

Carefree? Loving Life? I'd say so.

At least I'll be able to live vicariously through her.

For what it's worth, we don't typically condone furniture jumping around here. She caught me in a weak moment.


OT KG 68 said...

Haha... I remember those growing up. We had the same silly setup. "Laundry Parties" mom would call them. We couldn't sit on the couch and watch TV until all the laundry was folded... very effective motivation.

Jenners said...

Every mom I know -- including myself--folds laundry all over the couch! So funny!

As for furniture jumping, I tried to stop it at first but was beaten into submission. My husband -- who has assumed all safety duties -- reprimands my son every time he sees him jump on or from the furniture. And my son says: "But Mommy lets me do it." Thanks, kid. Ratting me out to Daddy...after all I do for you!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Folding laundry anywhere else while children are running around is crazy. If I folded them in our laundry room, who knows what Piper would get into. So dont worry about it. :) Piper has reckless abandon too. It scares the crap out of me. I have many scars to prove my former carefree life.

Shan said...

AH SNAP! We must have the same house designer, as we also have a laundry room, which is only as big as the washer and dryer, with no where to fold clothes, forcing us to use the couches as well. The Princesses both love to harrass the warm laundry with many means of torture. Husband doesnt understand that there are times when folding it right out of the dryer is not an option, and its like that most if not all the time, and the reason is because I dont want to... fatal flaw of the house I guess.

C. Beth said...

Oh, I can't tell you the stress that has been caused by Chickie messing up my couch laundry folding! :) Maybe I should just let her have fun occasionally.

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

haha.. she is too cute.

I remember my mom folding laundry on the sofa.. I think it happens everywhere!


Makita Jazzqueen said...

Hehe, Kate is so cute! I didn't use to mess up the laundry, but I used to open the spices containers, turn them upside down and let the spices fall, watching with surprise as they did.
At my house, which appears to be super small, the laundry, for my mom works in the living-room, is in my bedroom. It's very funny, how you enter the room and see unfolded and unironed laundry lying everywhere. During last July, as we were in Winter and we couldn't hang the clothes outside, I found them hanging from my bookshelves near to the stoves, in the craziest angles...
Laundry is an adventure!