Sunday, September 21, 2008

This isn't really talking about politics, is it?

Whether you support John McCain, or Barack Obama ...

I don’t care who you are, this is funny stuff right here. If you have a minute, hop on over and see what your new moniker would be:

The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Meet my new family: Roller Texas Palin, Bomb Locamotive Palin, and Dust Chinstrap Palin.

Since it's Monday and I'm feeling a little fiesty, I feel compelled to post a link to this SNL parody, you know, for the 3 people left that haven't watched it.


Carol Beth said...


I'm blessed to be married to Commando Coalfire Palin and to be mom to little Fog Piles & Recoil Zoo.

Nam Guadalupe Palin

Andi said...

Who comes up with this stuff!? Ha!

Great post. I enjoyed the skit the first time I saw it and this time as well.

Yours Truly,
Quarter Granite Palin

Anonymous said...

I love your comment. I see you have absolutely no bias whatsoever. ;)

Vise Peeper Palin