Friday, September 5, 2008

My kid, the quiet and patient one

If it were appropriate to diagnose two year olds with ADHD, Kate would most definitely be solicited as their poster child. Since it isn’t appropriate, you will have to settle with my description of her in more politically correct terms. Those terms would be: spirited, busy, and assertive. I love her to pieces and would not change a single thing about her, just for the record.

Not only is Kate ADHD, errr, I mean busy, she is seriously one of the brightest, most talkative two years olds I have ever met. Often I stop in amazement when I realize that we have been carrying on a productive two way conversation. Her pediatrician jokes that we will see her in Congress one day. I think you could interpret that as either a compliment, or an insult.

I sit here today in a panic as we prepare for this weekend when Kate makes her stage debut as a flower girl in my cousin’s wedding. I think it’s safe to write this now that the bride is busy today and hopefully has better things to do than check my blog. (Hi Amy! If you are reading this, I’m kidding, everything is going to be perfect, just ignore me!) We are truly honored that Kate was asked to be her flower girl and Kate could not be more excited. It has just been the realization that we have to get her through the ceremony that has me hyperventilating here.

It is possible that she will march down the aisle, push the minister out of the way and insist upon giving the directions herself. It’s also likely that she will find it necessary to provide narration through the ceremony, complete with “I’m a flower girl, in a flower girl dress, with my flower girl shoes, doing my flower girl dance.” Given her dancing history, when music is played she may break out into dance on the pulpit. If her curiosity gets the best of her, I can see her stopping to smell the flowers, blow out the candles, or find out what is under that big white dress.

I have told Kate that flower girls are not allowed to talk. So now she keeps saying, “Shhhh” and “Flower girls are not allowed to talk.” I am not quite sure that this alone is going to be our salvation. I have entertained the idea of duct tape over her mouth, but I can’t find a cranberry color to match her dress. I just don’t think the silver will go. If I put superglue on the bottom of her shoes, I am worried that maybe they will stick part way down the aisle, versus when she actually gets up there. If you have any better suggestions, we have 30 hours until show time.


Amy said...

Candy and the promise of a new baby doll for flower girls that stand still and do not say a word. But remember they want Kate in the wedding b/c of who Kate is, you know-the quite and patient one. Anyways the guests are going to be bored out of their minds and need some entertainment :)

Kara said...

Is Kate potty-trained yet? Our ring bearer was newly trained when he was in our wedding party. He pulled down his pants and showed his big boy underwear to everyone. He even kept pulling his pants down during photos. It was pretty funny, but I know his parents were horrified. So... something else for you to worry about :-p

Carol Beth said...

Gotta see pics of your beautiful girl in her beautiful dress, okay?

Awhile back we were at a Bible study, with Ana. She was being chatty at an inappropriate time. I said, "Ana, whisper. Whisper." Problem is, at the time she was REALLY into Sandra Boynton's "Opposites" book, so her response was, "SHOUT!"

Have fun. :-D