Monday, September 8, 2008

Hoping you can hear the sigh of relief

To all of those who emailed me to ask how the flower-girling went, we survived! It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful bride, and a gorgeous day. For the record, I am anal and it is 150% likely that I made it more difficult on us than it needed to be, but hey, I don't want to be responsible for screwing up their big day. In Kate’s defense, she did better than I ever would have anticipated. I am lucky no one offered to bet me on the whole deal, because I would have totally lost the house. This is your lesson for next time ... you will remember that, won't you?

Some things I learned over the weekend:

  • A flower girl cannot be properly buckled in her car seat with her flower girl dress on.
  • Letting a kid ride in a car seat in only tights and shoes should be punishable to the fullest extent of the law.
  • No matter what excuse you have, putting a dress on your kid in the parking lot is trashy. The trashiness factor increases by the number of times you do it.
  • Do not continue to remind the flower girl that her daddy will be at the front of the church waiting for her. If you do, the flower girl will stop half way down the aisle and yell, “There is my daddy!”
  • When the ring bearer lies in the middle of the dance floor on his back, there is an explicit guarantee that the flower girl will do the same thing.
  • When someone asks you, “What do you feed that kid?” you know things really are as crazy as you thought they were, even if you secretly hoped no one else noticed.
  • When you ask the flower girl if she had fun at the wedding, you know she did when her only response is a forlorn, “Daddy said I have to stop dancing.”


Mommy said...

When I'm taking my daughter to a "photo shoot" I will often put her in her car seat in her diaper so that her dress doesn't get wrinkled. We all suffer for fashion, don't we? :)

Special K said...

Oh man I'll bet that was crazy about the dress! Logan was falling asleep before his ring-bearer duties for my sis' wedding. I literally gave him Coca-Cola in a sippy cup to keep him awake. And instead of letting him lull to sleep in his carseat, we made him ride in the crazy limo with blaring music and flashing lights to the wedding. It worked. He stayed awake until he got to the end of the aisle. Then he slept til 10 and danced the reception away.

Where's the video clip of the dancing?

Mom2Pippa said...

I have also, on more then one occasion, buckled her half dressed (as opposed to half naked) into the car seat and hoped I didnt get pulled over.
She looked beautiful!! Love the dress...its the same one we picked for Piper to wear at our wedding in November!