Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two of My Favorite Things

I admittedly spend too much time on the internet. However, there are many many incredible benefits from perusing the internet and I hope you appreciate the time I spent researching these things just to share with you. Shout out to you internet! Many of these incredibly cool things just make life a little more complete. Let me share two of my faves. First, let's talk about Pandora. If you have been deprived thus far of Pandora, you need to immediately click here. I am a music junkie, so this site is like Christmas every day to me. It's technically called the music genome project; it allows you to create your own radio stations that play songs that fit criteria you specify. Some choose to pick a genre, but I've been so impressed with stations modeled after an artist. Jack Johnson. Get Jack Johnson Pandora Radio. Right now. Yes, I know, Jack Johnson is uber-popular now, but he's still great and the new artists you'll be exposed to on Jack Johnson Pandora Radio are stellar. I promise. Do you hear me internet? Pandora plays in my office

Second, let's talk about Cake Wrecks. I found Cake Wrecks through Sasha's blog (Hi Sasha!). I'm not even sure why on earth I love it, I just think it is her humor. Sure, the pictures are funny, but her humor just kills me.


Carol Beth said...

Okay, thanks a LOT--I should either be sleeping or watching the U.S. (hopefully) kick butt on the sand volleyball court, but instead I just spent my valuable time on "Cake Wrecks."

And bookmarked it.

That is one FUNNY site!!!

Sasha said...

Isn't that site the best? I have to admit I was a little disappointed when P's birthday cake turned out non-cake wrecked! I wanted to submit it!