Sunday, August 17, 2008

Darn Paparazzi

Alright, one can dream! We actually paid this awesome photographer to do some family pictures of us this past June. We went to Chicago for a long weekend with our friends Jason, Tammi, and their son (Kate's BFF) Caden. On our way home, we stopped in LaPorte, IN. to meet Nikki for a photo shoot. Nikki is a mom that I met on a photography forum a number of months ago. She has the sweetest little girl named Piper, who looks an awful lot like Kate. Kate was way more excited to see Piper than Piper was to see Kate. That's pretty much the story of Kate's life. I am pretty sure she'll get an A+ in Social Skills. I will cross my fingers that some of the nuances work themselves out so she doesn't turn into the Girl Who Doesn't Get It. I am totally delinquent, as I haven't managed to order our family pictures yet, but here are my favorites.


Carol Beth said...

Lyndsay, those are SO gorgeous. Wow, she's a great photographer! I love the silhouette (thank goodness for spell check on that word) and also the bridge shot--and all of the others, for that matter!

BTW, yes, your links are opening in the same window, and no, I still have no idea why! :( All I can think is maybe it's tied to the specific template you use...?

Anonymous said...

Awww thank you! :) Piper was grouchy since she just woke up. It's amazing her vocabulary now - they might actually be able to have a conversation! :) Can't wait to see you guys again!!